Facial Treatments

We offer a wide variety of facial treatments that suit every age and every skin type. Our goal is to nourish and promote clear, well-hydrated skin while using products best suited for your needs.

Cryo Facial
This one-of-a-kind cold sculpting facial banishes puffiness, fortifies healing and increases Vaso circulation. The patented masque contains pure Vitamin C, collagen-boosting and wrinkle-relaxing peptides to firm skin, brighten dark spots and pigmentation, reduce skin inflammation and pore size, and protect with potent antioxidants.
60 minutes | $125
Cranberry Peptide Facial
The cranberry & pomegranate peptide facial provides a protective shield, supplies rich sources of antioxidants and improves structural integrity of skin encouraging a plumper, firmer appearance. Sure to maintain your summer glow all winter long!
60 minutes | $125
Classic European Facial
We begin with an analysis of the skin and select products based on your specific needs. A double cleansing, toning, deep exfoliation, and extractions are complemented with a custom mask, hand and arm massage and facial massage. Leave feeling youthfully restored!
60 minutes | $105
Fit & Firm Facial
Our men’s Fit & Firm Facial is meticulously customized to your needs with our Dermalogica skin care products – be it quenching your skin's thirst, repairing sun damage, or deep pore cleaning – this facial will leave you feeling renewed and attractively groomed. Did we mention you get an ice-cold beer beforehand? Ahh...now you're considering it.
60 minutes | $125
Radiance Vitamin C & Green Tea Peptide Facial
A high concentration of collagen-boosting peptides and vitamin C crystals illuminate the skin, reduce fine lines, counteract photoaging, strengthen skin elasticity and restore a youthful, radiant appearance.
60 minutes | $125
Deep Cleanse Facial
Our classic European facial with the addition of a dis-incrustation treatment and additional time as needed for extractions.
Up to 75 minutes | $125
This detailed and highly effective exfoliation and hair removal technique removes the top layers of inactive skin through controlled scraping, making it an ideal treatment for hyper-pigmentation and acne scaring. Yielding the highest rewards in skin clarifying, firming and re-texturizing, dermaplaning is suited for all ages and skin types.
60 minutes | $129
Add to a facial | $49.00
The Essential Facial
In 90 minutes we deliver the most outstanding and effective anti-aging results with our signature facial. Galvanic current and high frequency visibly relax harsh wrinkles and increase skin hydration and suppleness. Partnered with our first-class, restorative hydropeptides products, this facial will leave you feeling lush and timelessly rejuvenated. Definitely the facial to indulge in before your most important events.
90 minutes | $149
Blueberry Lemonade Facial
Increased sun exposure in the summer months can make it challenging to continuously protect against free radical damage. A potent dose of antioxidants with a nourishing blueberry and vitamin C peel offers complete rejuvenation and vitality. Calm any redness and release toxins while defending against UV rays and improving the overall radiance of your skin.
60 minutes | $125
Platinum Pumpkin Peptide Facial & Peel
A step beyond traditional facials. Revive your natural glow with our hydropeptide pumpkin treatment. This nutritional powerhouse is filled with enzymes that promote cellular renewal, dissolve dead skin cells and pack your skin full of vitamin A-rich beta-carotene, promoting anti-aging benefits.
60 minutes | $125
The Propower Peel From Dermalogica
The Propower Peel is a professional strength chemical peel designed to resurface the skin with minimal recovery time. This unique, results driven treatment works with skins natural chemistry to safely slough away the top epidermal layers and accelerate cellular turnover without the prolonged downtime typically associated with chemical peels. This peel is customized to each person's particular needs such as fine lines, uneven skin tone, acne, hyperpigmentation, and photoaging.
60 minutes | $129.00
Per 3 treatments | $335.00

Treatment Enhancements

Treatment Enhancements - Nail Care Page

Retreat for the Feet
Add to any facial, massage or pedicure.
An extra long foot massage with a bio-freeze foot and calf treatment and warm steamy towels.
Warm Stone Facial Treatment
Warm stones increase blood and lymph circulation promoting a decrease in facial puffiness and fluid build-up. Heat drives nutrients deeper into the skin while providing sinus and headache pressure.
Soothing massage lulls you into an ultimate state of bliss.
**For facial treatments only**
Peppermint & Lavender Essential Oil Scalp Massage
Add to any massage or facial.
This scalp massage helps elevate your mood, combats migraines and relieves head and neck tension as peppermint and lavender essential oils promote reduction of stress and overall relaxation. We finish this treatment off with a warm towel bio-freeze neck wrap.
Warm Paraffin Hand Treatment
Add to any manicure, pedicure, massage or facial.
Heat therapy soothes aching joints and promotes increased circulation. Warm paraffin wax deeply moisturizes and conditions the skin. Great for those suffering from arthritis or dry hands.