Nail Care

Our two pedicure stations are zero gravity chairs with pipe-less pedicure bowls ensuring every piece of our equipment can be sanitized at the highest level so that we may provide a clean, bacteria-free environment. We do not offer acrylic nails.

A cuticle clean up, trimming and shaping of nail, hand massage and polishing of fingernails is included in our manicures.
45 minutes | $20.00

Add a warm paraffin wax to your hands for an additional $8. *We do not offer removal of acrylic nails, please remove prior to appointment.
Shellac 14-Day, No-Chip Manicure
A 14-day, no-chip manicure treatment that includes nail shaping, cuticle cleanup, exfoliant, and polish.
*We do not offer removal of acrylic nails, please remove prior to appointment. 60 minutes | $35.00
Signature Zero Gravity Pedicure
Spa – 60 minutes | $40.00 Express – 40 minutes | $30.00 *60 minute includes cooling gel mask
Hot Stone Pedicure
Sure to become your favorite winter ritual, our 60-minute Hot Stone Pedicure uses heat therapy with smooth, warm stones to provide a heavenly and healing experience. As your feet are refined to perfection enjoy a cup of herbal tea or a refreshing mimosa. For the grand finale, our zero gravity chairs usher you into a comfortable, lying position as you enjoy an herbal eye pillow and hot stone foot and calf treatment.
60 minutes | $65.00
Marine Spa Pedicure
This nourishing, hydrating pedicure includes everything you'd expect from our zero gravity pedicure plus a hydrating seaweed mask perfect for eliminating toxicity from the body and providing ultimate moisture to even the driest of tootsies.
70 minutes | $55.00
French Finish
A pink and white French finish to the hands or feet.
15 minutes | $7.00