Eyebrow Waxing
A waxing, tweezing, trimming and overall shaping for your eyebrows leaving you with a stunning new look.

15 minutes | $18.00
Eyebrow Tweezing
For those sensitive to wax but still desire professional shaping.
20 minutes | $22.00
Lip Waxing
Hair today, gone tomorrow. Removal of hair present on the upper lip.
15 minutes | $10.00
Face Waxing
Removal of facial hair around chin, lip, and sideburn area
30 minutes | $35.00
Underarm Waxing
Removal of hair under the arms
30 minutes | $25.00
Arm Waxing
Removal of hair on forearms
30 minutes | $25.00
Half Leg Waxing
Waxing of the lower or upper part of the leg
60 minutes | $40.00
Full Leg Waxing
Removal of hair on legs
90 minutes | $65.00
Back Waxing
Removal of hair on back. Price subject to change depending on thickness and abundance of hair.
30 minutes | $45.00
American Bikini Waxing
Removal of hair around the bikini area
45 minutes | $45.00
French Bikini Waxing
Cut in further than an American wax around the bikini area
45 minutes | $55.00

Lashes & Brows

From waxing to tinting – we've got you covered!

Eyelash Tinting
Our semi-permanent dye will leave your eyelashes looking dramatically darker and fuller.
15 minutes | $20.00
Eyebrow Tinting
We have a variety of semi-permanent dyes to match eyebrows to your hair color – great for hiding grays too!
15 minutes | $20.00