If you would like to book use of our complimentary outdoor Jacuzzi, please inform our reception staff when making your appointment. We encourage you to communicate your massage goals so that we may provide you with the most appropriate therapist and treatment.

Swedish Massage
Light to medium pressure relaxation massage
30 minutes | $45.00
45 minutes | $59.00
60 minutes | $79.00
90 minutes | $115.00
Deep Tissue Massage
Medium to deep pressure, including acupressure points as well as trigger point therapy
30 minutes | $50.00
45 minutes | $69.00
60 minutes | $89.00
90 minutes | $139.00
Raindrop Therapy Massage
Twelve essential oils, steamy hot towels and soothing massage make this one of our favorites. Pain becomes a thing of the past as warmth, massage, and gentle scents are drizzled onto your body. Enjoy unsurpassed comfort while boosting your immune system.
75 minutes | $115.00
Hot Stone Massage
A full body massage incorporating warm stones with light to medium pressure. Smooth stones glide gently over the body providing muscle tension relief, increased circulation and deep, restorative rest.
60 minutes | $99.00
80 minutes | $120.00
Soothing Rosemary Massage
Enjoy a cup of tea, or glass of sangria while soaking in our outdoor hot tub. Then relax with a muscle-soothing, one-hour massage with a pain-relieving, immune-boosting rosemary hot stone treatment for your back.
65-minute massage | $105.00
Garden Ritual Massage
Massage, Aromatherapy & Foot Retreat
Unburden your mind and revitalize your body with 75 minutes of soothing massage strokes, drizzles of lavender and rosemary essential oils along your back and a deep peppermint foot massage complete with scrub and steamy hot towels.
75 minutes | $120.00
Complimentary Jacuzzi Soak
A soak in our outdoor garden Jacuzzi is complimentary at our spa with a massage treatment. It is booked on a first come, first served basis.
25 minutes | Complimentary


Series of 6 Massages:

Series of 6, 60 minute Swedish Massages
$474.00 value for only $426.60
Series of 6, 60 minute Deep Tissue Massages
$534.00 value for only $480.60
Series of 6, 90-minute Swedish Massages
$690.00 value for only $621.00
Series of 6, 90-minute Deep Tissue Massages
$834.00 value for only $750.60