Select from three
monthly levels of experiences:

Additional Membership Benefits

Each month is a unique experience: 

  • Enjoy a glass of champagne in the hot tub or after your service.
  • All treatments are a true hour 
  • Exclusive pricing 
  • Exclusive membership promotions 
  • Welcome gifts
  • $10 spa credit for every guest you refer 


Membership FAQs

Can I let someone else use it?
Yes, if you live in the same household together or if you are at the spa together! 

Can I accumulate my membership?
You can accumulate 3 months’ worth of services and booked all in the same month or for a special R&R day. 

How do I pay?
For a hassle-free experience, we set up automated credit card or bank account deduction on the same day of each month.

Do I have to sign a contract?
No contract is needed (though we are confident that you are going to love it and stay with us forever). Provide us with a 30 day notice and it will be stopped emailed to:  

Memberships can also be frozen (great for snowbirds)!